We have taken the traditional system, modernised it in order for clubs to reach a wider audience.

DIGI4 is an online platform for users to enter lottery systems that are affiliated with the app. Users will have access to a number of organisations that hold the 4-number lottery system.

DIGI4 offers a digital platform to sell 4-number lottery tickets

The easy to use system allows users to select and buy your 4-number lottery tickets from anywhere. Through the app or website users can search, purchase and enter in weekly draws. The online system offers the opportunity for you to reach more users and grow your 4-number lottery draw.

Any lottery, anywhere, any time – users from all over the UK will have access to your club’s weekly lottery draw.

DIGI4 allows the you to reach a wider audience and sell tickets nationwide. The user will have the ability to purchase lottery tickets from any location, any time from any device.

Save numbers, cards & reminders

The app allows the user to enter, save and re-use lottery numbers, set reminders of dates and times of any draw and save card details. The app offers an additional ‘saved-card’ process which lets the user purchase tickets at any stage without re-entering card details. This offers a seamless user experience.

Customisation & Data Collection

The user friendly website provides your club with access to your own personalised page that contains; club details, weekly jackpot and the dates for the next draw.

You will also have access to your own data collection to allow them to search through ticket sales and automated services automatically identifies the winning numbers from that week’s draw.

Include your club to our growing directory

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